Why an HVAC Maintenance is Important…

Why an HVAC Maintenance is Important…

Many people don’t think about maintaining their heating & cooling system. Many people think, “if it’s not broken, why mess with it?”

There are many reasons why you shouldn’t shrug that task off & I guarantee, if you are one of those people who opted out of (or just didn’t think about) scheduling a maintenance on your HVAC system only to have something go wrong which resulted in replacing the entire unit, you know how important a regular maintenance truly is.

  • It saves you money! Even if your system is “working fine”, you may be paying too much on your utility bills. By having a regular scheduled service or cleaning, your system will run more efficiently thus lowering your utility bills.
  • It extends the life of your system! Keeping your system well maintained will help keep your system working in pristine condition for many years to come.
  • Because who wants to breathe in dirty air? Plain & simple: If your HVAC system is dirty, the air you’re breathing in is dirty, too. Poor indoor air quality will cause more allergies, common colds, asthma & other health issues which will result in paying for it at the doctor.
  • Fewer repairs! The last thing you want to have happen is your AC to go out during the summer or the heat to stop working in the winter. Keeping your system on a maintenance schedule can help prevent that from happening. HVAC systems have many components that work together to make the system run like it’s supposed to. When one part goes bad, it can cause a “domino effect” which results in many costly repairs. In some cases, by the time all the necessary repairs are made, you might as well have replaced the entire system.
  • Warranties! To stay compliant with most warranties, your system needs to have regular maintenances. Something as simple as not changing the filters regularly could void the warranty. Also, in the event of an issue, the part that is malfunctioning may still be under warranty, once again saving you money!
  • Better to be safe than sorry! Having a professional giving your system a “check up” can save your life. Seriously. I speak from experience. Before I had my system replaced a few years back, I had a maintenance done. I wasn’t having an problems with my system (that I knew of) so I wasn’t expecting to find out that there was a small hole in the heat exchanger. No big deal, right? WRONG. A small hole in the heat exchanger was allowing carbon monoxide to flow through my house. Thanks to that maintenance, we jumped on resolving the issue before something catastrophic happened.

Bottom line, having an HVAC maintenance is well worth it & it’s necessary.